EXPAT STORY: Courtney Bowden | Chapter 11

Although my husband and I had done absolutely nothing but be cordial (and maybe made a little bit too much noise for their liking), my neighbors still somehow felt threatened.

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Alpharetta, GA

“Uh, Hi! I don’t think we’ve been properly introduced. My name is Courtney and I live next door,” I said, breaking the silence.

She never responded with her name. Ohh-kayyy.

Red(neck) flag #1.

I took another breath and continued.

“First, I think I need to apologize for the disturbance last night. I’m sorry for the noise. Can I ask you a question, though?”

She nodded her head yes. Does she speak at all?

“What made you call the police instead of coming to knock on my door?” I inquired.

“Well, I have two kids who go to bed at 7 o’clock, and they wouldn’t go to sleep because of your music. So, I think you should just keep it down next time,” she replied.

Red(neck) flag #2.

Two flags in the span of two minutes? This was no bueno.

“Have I threatened you in any way? Has my husband - his name is Larry, by the way - ever threatened you or your family?” I asked while trying my best to keep my face neutral and tone of voice even.

Before she could open her mouth, the man of the house came to the door and answered the question for her…

Courtney Bowden

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