Black Expat Stories LIVE: The Solar Return Celebration - 8.8.22

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Black Expat Stories LIVE: The Solar Return Celebration - 8.8.22

It's Courtney's birthday!

Come to the party.

Count me in. I want to RSVP!

On August 8th at 7p CT, join Courtney for a virtual experience celebrating her solar return and the beauty in the Blaxit with:

  • GAMES & GIVEAWAYS. Make sure you're all caught up on the stories for your chance to win 1 of 2 gift cards!
  • A LIVE READING of a never-before-seen Black Expat Story Chapter
  • An exclusive, FIRST-LOOK of Courtney's UNDERWATER CENOTE* PHOTOSHOOT. *A cenote is a natural underground reservoir of water, formed when a limestone surface collapses. Essentially, it's an underwater cave.
  • Meet the other Black Expat Storytellers and get a sneak peek at upcoming stories before anyone else.
  • Live Q&A & Convo.
  • More exciting Black Expat Stories announcements

A Special Invite from Our Editor-in-Chief

Hey fam,

ISSA BIRTHDAY PORTY and this time, I’m coming with the gifts:

🎁 Black Expat Stories Trivia Games & Giveaways (so make sure you’re subscribed and all caught up on the most recent story for your chance to win 1 of 2 gift cards!)

🎁Be one of the first to experience the highly anticipated, never-before-shared Chapter 20: The Act I Finale of my expat story. It's extra special because for the first time ever, I'll be doing live reading of my work - just for you.

🎁Then, you'll get a FIRST LOOK at the images from my very first international photoshoot - IN A CENOTE (an underwater cave). I got the opportunity to work with the incredible Francesca Reina and her team, who are some of the most brilliantly talented underwater photographers/videographers.  

These images are GIVING, hunty! So, you definitely won't want to miss it. I'm dishing on all the things: the creative direction for the shoot, the prep, and more behind-the-scenes footage of the underwater cenote photoshoot.

🎁 I’ll introduce you to the other Black Expat Storytellers whose journeys you’re going to enjoy, plus some other exciting announcements about what’s next.

🎁 And, since I've been getting tons of questions about my expat experience, join me for Q&A & Convo.

Not only will I answer your questions, I'll also share some key lessons, crazy stories, and even some pro tips from my perspective living as a Black expat over the past year.

On August 8th, the Black Expat Stories experience comes to life in a whole new way and I can't wait to (virtually) party with you! Will I see you there?