We capture and document the journeys of Black expats living all over the world - one unique story at a time.

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Black Expat Stories documents the journeys of Black expats living all over the world by showcasing the beauty in the Blaxit - one unique story at a time.

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Meet the Editor-in-Chief

Courtney Bowden is a writer, entrepreneur, and media scholar who is on a mission to amplify the marginalized voices of Black people in media through the power of storytelling.

Currently as a writer and expat, her latest creative project is www.BlackExpatStories.com, a digital publication documenting the journeys of Black expats living all around the world - one unique story at a time. Chapter-by-chapter, Black Expat Stories showcases the beauty in the Blaxit. Subscribers can expect to be moved by some of the most riveting and relatable stories about international living on the internet.

As a brand storytelling expert, copywriter and communications strategist, she spent the last 8 years developing marketing, communication, and branding strategies in partnership with Black-owned businesses, Fortune 500 corporations, and well-respected nonprofit organizations.

Courtney holds dual Bachelor of Arts degrees in Communications and English Literature from Denison University, and a Master of Arts in Media Studies from The Pennsylvania State University. She dedicated her academic career to researching the impact of racialized rhetoric on the media portrayals of Black Diasporic people.

When she's not writing and consulting, Courtney enjoys exploring the world with her husband, Larry, and beagle pup Snoopy, cooking up culinary delights, venturing out on Anthony Bourdain-like foodie adventures, and learning all the Spanish swear words.

You can also connect with Courtney on Facebook and Instagram.